Emma Mitford

At the heart of the Emma project is the desire to celebrate nature, literature, and the many beauties of women.

It's a tender and poetic vision of feminity, that reminds women of their own beauty. Far from the rules of fashion and the pressure of norms, we are free to be beautiful, in a pure and simple way.

Mother, lover, dreamer or worker, all the labels fall appart when for a moment out of time we find ourselves truly free, truly ourselves.

Wind, moss, leaves or water on our skin, we breathe. Eyes half closed, as in a dream that wakes your senses, that wake a buried consciousness within.

All unique, each different but linked, sharing a polymorphous feminity, Emma's muses echo inspiring women writers.

Emma writes on bodies and souls and let the light tell how marvelous it is to be a woman, to be beautiful and to be free.

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